“Etienne Overdijk vs Le Cardinale – End of Time” Remix

   October - 2009
âEtienne Overdijk vs Le Cardinale â End of Timeâ Remix

At the Amsterdam Dance Event 2008 we met DJ/Producer Etienne Overdijk and we had a good click! He asked us to remix an album track of Etienne named “End of Time” with vocals by Le Cardinale. The track is released on Black Hole Recordings. The original was a more trance orientated track, we gave it a more funky vibe. The mix is supported by DJ’s like Riley & Durant, Peter Gelderblom, Kyau & Albert and The Flash Brothers. Check it out at your favorite download portal!

Etienne Overdijk vs Le Cardinale – End of Time (R.O.N.N. & Thice Santoro remix)